Building Feverdream

Watch lines and pixels turn into worlds

Oct 20

Hello again!  Now, since this blog is about the game, Feverdream, I wanted to show some technical aspects too.  So far, it has been all art.

So, even if I have a wonderful level drawn out, it means nothing if I can’t get that into Flash.  I’ll start off by importing my items into the library, and organizing.



There are literally thousands of items involved in a full game, It’s great to organize your library.  You’ll spend all your time searching otherwise.

This folder has everything I imported for the first level.

And, after a few hours of drag-n-drop…

It ends up looking like this in the Flash stage.  All those shapes?  They’re linked to code that tells the game what to do.

So, all that said and done, how does it look in game?

For all you who said ‘tl;dr’, tomorrow’s post will be more eye candy and less words. :)

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