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Oct 15


For the longest time, I’ve had this image in my head of what Zappa should look like.

He’s a badass, right?  In the story framework, Zappa was written to be a no-holds-barred vigilante.  But as the story progressed, I saw a much more interesting version of him forming.  

In many situations, he’s quite timid and hesitant.  He’s kind of a shrimp (by video-game character standards).  I liked him better this way because it’d be interesting to see how he gets around this in a world where everyone is a total beast.  I wanted this behavior to reflect more in his design.  So I started again.

Now it’s getting there!  He’s not the biggest bad boy in town, but he sure tries hard.  His silhouette isn’t defining enough,though, considering he’s going to be 150 pixels tall on screen.

so push!


Now for the first segment of Behind the Curtain!

From here to in game:

1. turnarounds

2. layout - like a paper puppet

(credit goes to Andrew Mar for these inks, an incredible draftsman)

3. Sprite Animation Layout - run, Zappa, run

4. Building in Flash

And here he is, as he appears in game!  Looks a lot different, right?  An entire art in itself lies in the translation between illustrated character, and in game character.

Long post.  Cya Monday! :)

Oct 14


For real this time!

As I was coming up with characters, one gave me some difficulty.  The girl who appears in the feverdream, Knefee, is the only one that’s not part of that world.  But I wanted her to be fierce and independent, not the typical ‘Princess Peach’ female lead.

This sketch stuck with me for some reason.  As a most basic design, I could already tell what kind of person she was.  So I went with it.

She’s young, but she doesn’t trust anyone.  Knefee was a thief in her own world, and uses this skill to her advantage while in the feverdream.  Seeing as the entire world is trying to take advantage of her, she has no problem taking advantage of it.

Tomorrow, you’ll be meeting Zappa!